itsagainstthelawtopeddle said: i dont ever check this, but i will now if your on the move. keep me posted jerk, miss your face

ya i got a drive to TO june 6th, then I’m probably there fer a week then it is hard burn to bc where i will poop on mogli’s lawn and then ditch to p-isle

Dear Followers,

I say as though I have any. I’m going to be in Mtl for until Wednesday. If anyone wants to hang out, you can get in touch here or by email. taudisban at riseup dot net.

So, with the new changes to Tumblr, I’m probably dropping off. Giving it a week, so if y’all want my contact info for any reason there is a grace period. I kind of don’t blog anyways.


Protection from everything = relationships with nothing you guys

That’s so sad and beautiful. Unless…

*Progenitus hums merrily to itself*

*attacks for 10 unstoppably without really noticing what it smooshes underfoot*

*doesn’t even realize there are other beings or magics out there to interact with, doesn’t really have needs or wants, and is generally cool with life*

So maybe we don’t have to feel sad for Progenitus. I still think it’s polite to say hello if you see it on the horizon. Just don’t be insulted if it doesn’t reply.


Doug Beyer, M:tG Creative

For reference:

Progenitus is my new gender identity, guys.

this cat
i swear

this cat

i swear

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i was ready for several months to self diagnose with depression due to lack of feeling emotions but the thing is there is one emotion left and it just keeps gettin stronger - INTENSE BURNING HATRED TOWARDS COPS

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So I’m entering into this conversation a little late it seems.
I live at The Gathering and I feel that because this happened at my house I should speak up about this event. I am not speaking on behalf of my house I am speaking for my self only.
The Gathering is a new house and the HWF show was our first show. I was not actively involved in this show due to anxiety, personal issues, stress and haveing to keep my room mate’s dog and mine in my room during the show. 
I feel very uncomfortable about Mogli and the dirty sister’s set at my house. I personally don’t know everyone’s racial background but I’m putting my money on European settler folk. I had no idea that they were planing on burning sage during their set and would have asked them not to if I had known. The show was crowded, folks have allergies AND the burning of sage is a sacred practice NOT fitting for a “punk” show. This is only the first issue I have with their project/performance. Dressing up in animal onesies is fine when there is no half baked spiritual reasons behind it. When you take spiritual practices from aboriginal  peoples you white wash and delegitimize their rituals. Learning from and about aboriginal peoples is a much needed thing but from my experience most white folks don’t learn from these people. We make up some kind of bullshit spiritual practice by stealing from other’s heritage. THAT IS NOT OK.
Cultural appropriation is something that ALL white people do. I do it, I’m not perfect but I try to keep myself in check and honour the peoples I borrow things from. It is a continual learning process and I know I fuck up sometimes too. 
In saying that if there is anything that myself or my space(The Gathering) can do to make people feel safer let me know. We have good intentions behind our space and want people to feel comfortable in our space. I personally am sorry for not being more involved in that show and not realizing what was going on.

If you want to get ahold of me to talk about the show or upcomeing shows and ways we can make our space “safer” for POC email me.


kt habits
house member of The Gathering 

Reiterating the same thing as KT. I am also white and often ignorant, but don’t really want our space to reflect that. You can feel free to get in touch with me as well to talk about things like how to make our space more inclusive or about the current issue at hand.

taudisban at riseup dot net

the coffee machine at the circle k is labeled muffins

i think maybe this causes regular problems because after about ten minutes of me wondering about the muffin machine in the coffee section the cashier came over and just poured me a cup

i was profusely thankful and a little bit embarrassed

stupid muffins

there is frost downtown it rained on me at least ten different times today i need coffee and someone should bring me lots of whisky and maybe a bucket.

also what the fuck drunk sketchy bros on sgr at noon why am i the only person that will tell you to fuck off? 

also also: there are ads for the tar sands in nearly every dude bathroom in bars downtown. please maritimers, do not go to alberta. you will die out there.

also also also thank you to all the pedestrians today who fixed my case after the wind messed it up. y’all were on it so fast, you have no idea how much that means i know you don’t follow my tumblr but whatever i can’t actually thank you proper and you deserve some sort of thanks.

anyway coffee

so i guess i’m goin to mtl and tdot sometime round the 19th, like an idiot. said i wouldn’t do that shit this year, but awesome folks at the mudhouse booked buddy teo and i show stuff.

if y’all want some bummer musician to hang out with and stick to those places hit me up. i promise to bring the mood down and smell terrible.




Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Chases a Duckling While Riding a Roomba Vacuum


Cat Wearing a Shark Costume Chases a Duckling While Riding a Roomba Vacuum

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Izzet - Dubstep
Azorious - Classical
Gruul - Hard rock
Orzhov - Opera
Simic - Electronica
Boros - March
Rakdos - Gangster Rap
Golgari - Death Metal
Dimir - Elegys
Selesnya - World

Izzet - Post Rock
Azorius - Elevator Music
Gruul - Folk Punk
Orzhov - Opera
Simic - Fusion
Boros - March
Rakdos - Punk
Golgari - Doom Sludge
Dimir - Jazz
Selesnya - The Grateful Dead

Fixed, because come on. Rakdos doesn’t listen to punk? Have you looked at any of them? The idea of the Izzet listening to Dubstep over something like Godspeed also bothered me.

Good call on the Orzhov and Opera, though.

so i updated my bandcamp with lyrics and chords because i found that after never checkin my email ever some folks got left hangin for a real while.


acutely aware of every function of your body when there is glass smash piss sound outside yr window

draw slow on a cigarette

think long and hard about movement

close yr eyes

get up